Sarah Starting Over

Sarah Starting Over.jpgNow that Eli’s sleeping through the night (yes, there is a God), I’ve had some time to read. Sure, it’s a fleeting 20 minutes before I pass out, but nonetheless I get to feel like a frivolous woman again. I get to indulge. What I’ve been indulging in lately is a new novel by MJ Greenway. Sarah Starting Over is part romance, part mystery, set in a cool seaside town.   But the heart of the story is Sarah working through her grief over her husband’s sudden and mysterious death a year ago. Grieving her husband is more difficult because she’s raising her young son Milo  who also struggles with his own loss.

Along comes Greyson, a hot PI who offers to help Sarah investigate her husband’s death. At first their relationship is strictly professional but slowly an attraction builds. When Sarah learns that Greyson has lost his leg, she realizes that they both have scars to mend and as the hunt for her husband’s killer intensifies, so does their love.

It brings them closer to a second chance.

I highly recommend this page turner, not only if you enjoy romances or mysteries but if you’ve ever lost someone you’ve loved or know someone who has. For me it reminded me how much I lost when I was struggling with my infertility and how the birth of Eli gave me my second chance.


The novel is only 99 cents on Amazon Kindle or $7.99 for the paperback. And it’s a quick read for those who only have a short time before the little one calls.

Check it out!

Sarah Starting Over

MJ Greenway’s Author Blog:


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