The Proposition – Coming Soon

After my son was born, I began to co-write a romance novel with my best friend from college under the pseudonym Anna Starr. The heroine in the story deals with infertility issues while trying to find love. It will come out at the end of September. We really hope that reading about characters dealing with the silence of infertility will help give this important issue a voice.

Anna Starr, Author


We are excited to announce that our romance novel The Proposition will make its debut in September 2016. It will be available both in print and kindle editions on Amazon. This collaborative effort is both sweet and spicy. We can’t wait to share it with you!

The Proposition

At a charity event in San Francisco, Hannah confronts Rowan, a rich playboy. His family foundation has denied a grant for her non-profit and she needs him to reconsider. Rowan proposes a proposition. He’ll give her charity one hundred thousand dollars out of his own pocket if she agrees to his three conditions.The Proposition_cover

Still stinging from divorce and infertility struggles, Hannah has closed herself off to love. She’s hesitant to take him up on his offer but fears she can’t afford not to.

Rowan has also suffered heartbreak at the hands of his cheating fiancé. And because he’s from a famous wealthy family…

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Motherhood: 10 Things I’ve Learned

Eli_Bike_11 Months

As we approach my sons 1st birthday, I’ve begun to contemplate what I’ve learned as a new mother. It then occurred to me that possibly I haven’t learned anything. This couldn’t be true, right? So I humbly offer you my Top 10, hoping that these will resonate with you.

  1. Poop does come in many different shapes and sizes
    Not to mention smells. You can learn a lot from your little one’s poop – what they’ve eaten, how much water they’ve had, and if they’re sick. I’ve learned to love my baby’s poop.
  2. Scary mommy happens
    I like to think of myself as a patient person, but I do have scary mommy moments. One example of this is the many ways I can say no. Nooooo. Okay, no. That’s a no. NO!!
  3. Watching your child walk for the first time is golden
    Before I had my son, I thought I would forever want him to be a baby. The idea of him growing up, filled me with anxiety. Now, I’ve realized that watching him grow is perhaps the most amazing process I’ve ever witnessed. When he took his first steps, excitement filled me and as a I watched him lumber towards me, I couldn’t wait for him to run. Okay, then he fell over and scraped his nose.
  4. It’s the little things
    Socks, toys, books, and shoes oh my. Before bed there is the ritual of gathering all the little things scattered around the house and putting them back into place. Finding the diaper cream, having been sucked on and discarded in the corner, and then puttin it back to its rightful place on the changing table. Organizing the chewed on books on the shelf from smallest to biggest. Taking the time to re-place all the tolietry bottles and bath toys in the bathtub, so that when I shower I don’t accidentally fall. Plunking all the balls, stuffed animals, and puzzle pieces from the floor and back into the toy box. Gathering all the discarded bobbles and sighing. Not a short sigh, but one that resonates throughout the body. Being a mom is definitely about all the little things.
  5. Alarm clocks are so 2000’s
    There was a time when an alarm was necessary. I needed the annoying whine to drag my weary body out of bed. Without an alarm clock I would be late for work, late for yoga, or just plain late. Now, my sons gurgles or calls wakes me up at exactly 6:00 am. If he sleeps longer, I worry. Is he alive? Did someone snatch him? Still I set an alarm. It’s the old me resisting the new me, even though my new alarm clock is ten times more efficient and cuter.
  6. Sloppy hugs and kisses
    There was a time in my life when hugs and kisses didn’t mean a smear of saliva and forgotten biscuit. I keep wipes handy and when my son reaches up with his gooey hands, pulls my face to his, and smears drool all over my face, and gives me his wet tongue, I resign myself to the fact that kisses are still warm, just full of germs.
  7. Nana is banana
    Babies have their own language. And I wouldn’t have believed it before I was a mom that you can in fact understand them. Sometimes it’s easy, like when you say banana, he says nana. Other times you can decipher that na da means where’s dad? And nu huh means, well, I haven’t figured that one out yet. But when you do for sure understand those moments of nana means banana makes you realize that you’re in this together.
  8. You can’t protect them enough
    This is something that scares me the most. I can protect my son from all the horrible things that do and could happen in life. I worry that I will make a mistake by leaving him with the wrong person or forgetting to close the bathroom door. There are a million different things that could go wrong, and the realization that I’m not enough fills me with dread.
  9. Cute and annoying
    Yes, it’s true. You love them. You think they’re the cutest being on the planet. You count their new teeth, proud of their appearance. When they sleep you compare them to a Roman Emperor. Those empanada hands and feet are soft and delectable. Yet, they’re annoying.  What do you mean you found the remote control hidden away under two blankets and three pillows? Hey, get out of the trash, that’s no place for a baby? All I want to do is take your temperature. Wiping your nose won’t cause you to have a seizure. So yes, they’re cute and annoying.
  10. Love is a never-ending onion
    I never realized there are many layers to love. I assumed that love is an emotion that is complete, not something that grows. For me, my love for my son keeps peeling deeper and deeper and when I think I can’t love him more, I do.

    Please post in the comment box what you’ve learned about being a mom or a dad. I would love to hear from you.  


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So far my novel How the Fat Girl Got Thin has been hot and trending for the past days. Except I woke up this morning to it off the list. So, anyone reading this please nominate my book. As an added bonus you get a free copy, for your nomination.

Day 27 of the Kindle Scout Campign

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Nominate – How the Fat Girl Got Thin on Kindle Scout

I’ve only been on this ride for a few days, but already the highs and lows have been extreme. First of all, it’s hard to promote oneself if you’ve never actually done it before. The learning curve of integrating the different social media sites with your promotion takes time. Constantly reaching out to friends and family takes initiative and just when you think you have a handle on it, a new day arrives and new efforts begin. But I’m happy to report that How the Fat Girl Got Thin is Hot and Trending on Kindle Scout. I’ve never been considered hot and trending before, but the thrill of viewing this on a minute-to-minute basis makes me so thankful for my supporters. And a little spicy.

I’ve also realized that I’m having flashbacks to my fundraising days in San Francisco…

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Baby News & Book Nomination

Eli_Cristian_Couch Potatos
I love reading blogs, but have a hard time writing them. So I’ve made an August resolution of writing more of them to chronicle the ups and downs of motherhood. Well, I’m now almost 6 months prego with baby #2. We found out it was a girl and this sent us over the crib with joy. Although another boy would’ve been perfect as well. I love the idea of two brothers exploring the wilds of California together. But a girl it shall be. I did have some disconcerting news of a Echogenic Intracardiac focus (EIF)spot on her heart. They discovered it in a follow-up anatomy scan. EIF’s don’t cause any problems for the growth of the heart, but they’re associated with downs syndrome. Although some research indicates there isn’t a direct link and others says there is a slight one. Either way this was hard to hear. I did have the NIPT test at around 12 weeks, which came back negative for any fetal abnormalities and the anatomy scan found no other markers. The test is 99% accurate, so basically there is a 1% possibility. I have a comprehensive scan next week to look at the heart again. My doctor isn’t worried, and I’m trying not to be. Sometimes I think modern medicine makes everything a lot more complicated. Then I remember that thanks to science I have my Little Eli.

Eli_supermarket car.jpg
There is a lot to update about Eli. He started walking around 11 months and when he does he has this hip jiggle with a zombie arm raise, coupled with the biggest “I’m so cool” smile that watching him walk is pure joy. Except for the big fall on the pavement he took at daycare that left him looking like baby Rocky. He has feet shaped like empanadas and he loves to curl his toes, so it’s surprising he gets anywhere. Oh but he does. I knew kids have lots of energy, but it’s non-stop action from 6 am to 7 pm. And being pregnant chasing him around makes bedtime all I think about.

Right now it’s such a sweet phase with him. He’s sleeping good and eating well and seems to be incredibly happy. My house is a wreck, and I’m starting to balloon like a Christmas ham, but overall everything is sailing peacefully. I just can’t stop worrying about the little girl’s heart.

On a personal note (yes, moms have a life) . . .

Some of you know that I wrote a novel titled: How the Fat Girl Got Thin. For those of you who don’t, it’s a fictionalized story of my time spent living and teaching in a village in southern Thailand. My intention was always to have it published, but time and life got away with me and there it sat on my bookshelf. A friend of mine recommended that I join Kindle Scout, in hopes of securing a publishing contract. Kindle Scout, for a lack of a better analogy, is the American Idol for publishing.

Kindle Scout is a publishing program through Amazon and books selected are guaranteed publication on Kindle, their e-book platform. What is different about Kindle Scout is that prospective authors use social media to reach as many supporters as possible who then nominate the work. Thus, the more nominations the book receives, the bigger chance of being published on Kindle Scout.

It’s exciting to be taking on this endeavor because regardless of How the Fat Girl Got Thin becomes published at least it will have the chance of reaching a wider audience. To make this happen I need your support.

To nominate How the Fat Girl Got Thin, click on the link below.


If you have an Amazon account, you will need to sign-in and then click the nominate button. Registering for an Amazon account will only take a few minutes with no other obligation. It’s also noteworthy to mention that if my book is selected you’ll receive a complimentary advance copy.

In addition to your nomination, if you think it’s appropriate, please share this post and tell as many people as possible to nominate How the Fat Girl Got Thin. The novel took over four years to write and is an exploration of culture, friendship, and love. For me, it represents how travel, teaching, and culture transform personal and ideological identity. My time spent living abroad taught me to experience the world from multiple perspectives and appreciate where I came from.

Please nominate How the Fat Girl Got Thin.

A million thanks,

Amber Roshay
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If the nominate link doesn’t work, you can copy and paste the link below in your browser to reach the nomination page.