About delayed mama

I was raised in rural Arizona by eccentric parents who gave me a love for all things weird and unusual. In the process they also made me pretty independent, so when the time came, I fled to exotic places far and wide. I lived in San Francisco for a while, followed by Taos, New Mexico, then Thailand and China. During that time, I earned a MFA in Creative Writing and discovered that I loved teaching. But somehow, I forgot to start a family. Or rather the forgetting became now isn’t the right time; when I’m more secure; it will happen soon.

So, when the time actually came to start a family, I had no idea the journey I was about to embark upon. I thought it would be simple. I wanted it and therefore it would happen. Well, as you might have gathered it hasn’t been.

This is the inspiration for this blog. I’ve decided to make this journey transformational, and I want to take anyone who wants to come, along with me. But more importantly, this blog is for the incredible women, like me, who finds themselves to bedelayed mamas and need a little support along the way.



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