TTC Timeline

December 2012 – Began the process of trying to get the sperm to meet the egg

March 2013 – To my surprise got a BFP. This began the obsession with all things baby. I thought we would never be able to conceive. I was 37 and thought I might be infertile. Long story.

May 28th 2013 – MC at 8.5 weeks. Heartbreaking. But, I thought we’d be able to conceive again quite easily because it was so easy the first time.

July 2013September 2014 – After the MC, I didn’t make that many lifestyle changes, but I did start to practice  bikram yoga 4 to 5 days per week.  I also began to chart, temp, and read anything to do with conception. I became a regular encyclopedia. Unfortunately, every month was a crushing blow of failure. Multiple friends conceived and had babies. Pretty low year for us. Began taking supplements as if they were flavored jelly beans. I discovered that I had a short luteal phase. I experimented with different natural supplements and discovered B6 would extend the LP for 2-3 days per cycle. This would make my cycle 26 to 27 days instead of 21 to 24. I thought this was why we weren’t conceiving.

September 2014 – Completed all the tests (me and DH). Diagnosed with low ovarian reserve. Go figure. Crushing blow.Everything else, including my hubbies swimmers are just fine.  Decided to see a RE. The RE recommended that we go straight to IVF (due to age). I’m now 39 and hubby is 35. Completely changed diet and lifestyle choices. Began acupuncture, quit alcohol, sugar, dairy, etc. Started growing my own wheat grass and began to make the decision to take the next step. Started daily visualizations and positive thinking, inspired by This is the month that changed everything for me.

October 2014 – Researched various IVF infertility clinics in the U.S. and Mexico. Decided on one in Mexico because of cost and our close distance to the border. Sense of relief.

November 2014 – Began the IVF process the day after Thanksgiving or Black Friday.

December 2014 – 8 eggs were retrieved. 4 fertilized. 3 made it to transfer. Currently, in the TTW. Obsessing and hopeful.



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